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  • Harassment posts targeting specific individuals or communities or institutions. Posts that repetitively call out others will be rejected.
  • Harmful Confessions such as calling out or insulting specific individuals in a harsh tone or contains personal information will be rejected
  • Confessions that contains spoilers of any anime, manga, movies, tv series etc will be rejected

Section B: Problem-creating:

  • Controversial topics with intent to stir up dissent or to oppress communities. These include, but are not limited to, topics such as: racism, sexism, LGBT-phobic, ableism and more. Posts written to enrage those with interests such as anime, K-POP, or other hobbies will also be rejected.
  • Inappropriate topics. This includes topics that are overly sexual, incest, vulgar, hateful and other controversial topics such as extreme views on politics, religion, races etc

Section C: Abuse of anonymity:

  • Posts that are attempts to academic dishonesty. Acts such as requests for assignment helpers, exam topics, ways to cheat the systems in place to prevent cheating and such are not condoned by Sunway College/University and SUCP.
  • Posts with intent to expose personal information and that abuse the privacy of others. This includes the leaking of personal information, photos taken of others (non-celebrity figures) with or without prior consent and other forms of abuse of personal privacy.
  • Posts with intent to defame or slander. Posts with serious allegations against others will not be approved as SUCP is not a platform suitable nor capable for such intent. You may inbox the page for help should you need any and we will help you to the best of our abilities.
  • Posts that are complaints on Sunway College/University staffs’ or SUCP admins’ work performance. Keep it constructive, anything that is harmful or contains personal attacks will be rejected. Constructive feedback is defined as reasonable problem identifications that are accompanied with suggestions to the aforementioned problems.

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